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Our military is trained to perform vital tasks under austere conditions for the greater good of our country, taught to deal with physical pain and emotional discomfort. They are trained to suck it up and not complain. They are trained to do whatever it takes to complete the mission. During their time in the military the reality is, this is sometimes necessary.  Unfortunately, many carry this mindset into the civilian world. They alienate themselves, avoid help, and sometimes fall through the cracks not knowing that help is out there waiting for them.


By integrating service professionals into the Wooden Boat Program, veterans will be given access to resources such as The Veterans Administration, Veteran Service Officers, and countless other programs that are specifically designed to help Veterans reintegrate into their communities. Whether that is by education, counseling, or comradery, the program tailors itself to the individual.  Through direct interaction and peer-to-peer counseling techniques, this program is designed to empower Veterans by reinforcing the same team building skills they are familiar with in the military.


The Program isn’t a cure at all and it isn’t intended to be. We target specific groups of Veterans that may benefit from the program.  Sometimes all someone needs is time around like-minded individuals. Compare it to a book club or even a reunion with classmates. The time spent in the program reminds them of who they are. Some require a bit more help and can discuss their problems with the volunteers in the program. Others require further assistance and may not know what they need. That is when the volunteer staff can help assess the veteran’s situation and suggest resources that are available. We can’t fix everything or help everyone, but we are just one more tool available to the Veterans.