Wednesday March 18th 2020

Attending: Kevin, Ray, Rich, Sarah, Dan

By zoom: Jillian, Gavin, Matt, Phyllis

  1. Round robin introduction.
  2. $2000 UCCC scholarship for veterans
  3. Discuss Amazon donation for individuals by on Amazon not sure how to get listed
  4. Discuss Chateau fund raiser in the fall—Matt & Phyllis
  5. Attempt to contact the Bruderhof for volunteer supervisor at woodworking program Rich & Dan
  6. Discussion regarding the kayaking trip Kevin & Sarah

Wednesday April, 22nd 2020

Attending: Kevin Keaveny, Daniel Gagnon, Phyllis Tabler, Jillian Nadiak, Ray Cocks, Richard Cattabiani, Gavin Walters, Maggie Schoonmaker

1. Kayak trip – kick off September 5th

2.Van has been donated for the Workshop by Combined Energy Services

3.USS INTREPID confirmed that’s our landing point for Vets-On-Water

4.Event coordinator required for Vet-On-Water

5. Peer call line active and being utilized. Ulster County Covid hotline will begin using our number as a resource.

6. Vet2Vet going forward.

7. Additional funding required, COVID19 has impacted the center.