Moo Duk Kwan with Kieth Bennett

We teach a Traditional Martial Art called Tang Soo Do. Which literally translates to “Chinese Hand Way”. The style we teach is called Moo Duk Kwan which means Military Way; which further translates to “stop conflict in yourself and then others”. This Art is over 2000 years old and teaches History, Philosophy, Physics of movement, Korean terminology and Self Defense.

Keith J Bennett is an 8th Degree Grand Master and has been teaching this Art over 40 years. His school in Kingston, NY has been teaching this art successfully over 30 years with Hundreds of students receiving Black Belt and above.

Tang Soo Do is a living art. It continues to flourish around the globe. It is not a sport but has great combat application. It is a classical martial art with a purpose: to develop every aspect of the self by totally integrating intellect, body, emotion, and spirit. This total integration develops a person free from inner conflict who deals with the world in a mature, intelligent, assertive, virtuous manner.

The philosophy of Tang Soo Do is based on the unity of mind, body, and spirit. To defend itself effectively, the mind trains the body to coordinate movement. However, the development of the body and the coordination of Tang Soo Do techniques are not fully effective unless they occur in conjunction with the development of respect, morality, character, courtesy, self-discipline, patience, forgiveness, and humility.