Program Launch: Summer 2020

Currently seeking Volunteers and Peer mentors, if interested please fill out our volunteer application

The Hudson Valley Center for Veteran Reintegration (HVCVR) recognizes the daily challenges that are faced by veterans. HVCVR will combat these challenges by hiring veterans to serve as peer specialists to host group and individual meetings with veterans seeking nonclinical support. HVCVR Veteran Peers will provide mental health support to veterans 24 hours each day, seven days each week.

HVCVR Veteran Peer Support program will continue the mission of supporting military veterans that experience Post-Traumatic Stress and other moral injuries that lead to suicide and substance abuse. Veteran Peers will work to eliminate the stigmas and labels by advocating, supporting, and providing a connection that empowers one another. Veteran Peers will engage in continuous training and look to identifying the best practices for addressing the needs of each veteran served.

Discharge status, rank, and branch of service is not immune to the difficulties we face daily. The veteran community picked up the mantel that said, “I will serve and protect my country.” HVCVR Veteran Peer Support will pick up the mantel that says, “They are not heavy, they are my brother and sister.”

Contact: 1.877.494.5199